Graphic Design


Aurige Legends Project

The ADN of Pilotes — Aurige Legends is a sportswear manufacturer that sells its own brand and offers clothing lines.


Gynecology Clinic

Creation of the complete identity of the new gynecology clinic, including website, logo, graphic chart, prints (business card, appointment card, letterhead paper, envelope).

  • Client: Dr. Serab Çoban
  • Tasks: Concept,  Design & Development
  • Website:



Video game Design, Furycat

Conceptual side of things. Initial vision for a game. Mechanics, core concepts, aesthetics, characters, levels, narratives.

  • Client: Georges-Alexandre Clémence
  • Tasks: Concept & Design
  • Contact:


TelAviv Beach

Quite a lot of lifestyle in Vienna’s most popular beach bar: At the second Canvas on Tour event at the TelAvivBeach on the Vienna Danube Canal, Bombay Sapphire once again showed massive slope to creativity with the Stir Creativity campaign.

Slide Lorsque l'irresponsabilité rencontre la réalité#Covid-19


Fight Corona With Art Challenge. When illustrations are great tool to help fight the COVID-19.

  • Client: Minty
  • Tasks: Concept & Design
  • Online illustration: Minty1Minty2